The Cool Dinner

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Season 2
From the Norwegian Fjords to the South of France, follow “The Cool & Tender Salmon Experience”, Season 2 of The Cool Dinner campaign. Check out the video of the COOL journey from Norway to France, and the irresistible recipe video by Chef Jacques Mazerand

Discover or watch again the Season 1

The journey started in Swizerland to reach Russia…

About The Cool Dinner

More than refrigerated transport, we consider our solutions a key link in the chain of life. Our refrigerated transport solutions help to improve daily life for everyone.
The Cool Dinner follows the journey of specially selected fresh products from their producer to the final delivery at the Chefs’ restaurants. Throughout the journey, you will discover the stringent cold chain requirements that help temperature-sensitive products travel long distances to reach the hands of the passionate and demanding Chefs at peak freshness.

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